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Can I cancel or pause my membership at any time?

Yes, you can. Just email to cancel or pause. During pause periods, you will not have access to the membership website or the Facebook group.

Yearly memberships have a 14-day trial period. You may cancel and receive a refund during the first 14 days.

What is the schedule of information each month?

You get a new video lesson in the first week of each month. You will receive a PDF with an accompanying activity in the second week of the month. There is a monthly Q&A call with Marilyn in the third week of the month. There is a guest speaker call in the fourth week of the month. All of these things are accessible in our private membership area that you will get a login for. And if you can’t come live, there are recordings.

What payment options are there?

You can use Paypal or a credit card.

When is Membership billed?

Every month on or about the date that you purchased.

How much does it cost?

$47/month OR you may choose to pay for the year at $470 (savings of $94 or two months of membership).

I'm in a different time zone. Will this still work for me?

Yes – we have members all over the world, and we try to vary our call times so as many people can be live as possible. We also send out recordings of all calls that we do. So if you can’t be there live, you can leave a question on the event page ahead of time. Marilyn does her best to answer as many as possible. Then you can listen to the recording.

Do I have to be on Facebook to benefit?

No – you do not have to be on Facebook. We do have a private (secret) group for members only, but you do not have to be in there to benefit. We send out weekly recaps of a few highlights from the week to members of things that were discussed in the Facebook group as well.

Can I buy Membership for a friend?

No. It is against our policies to allow one member to pay for and register another member for a recurring payment contract. We have had issues with this in the past and require the person who is registering to go through the registration process and fill in all the forms themselves. Legally the “contract” of the recurring payment must be signed and confirmed by the person registering. Also when their next payment is due in a month we need to have their credit card or paypal information in the system. If we don’t have it then either you will be charged or this person will be removed from the membership and will have to wait until we open doors once again in the fall of 2017. As you can see this is a messy process. We acknowledge your generosity and kindness.