Everything You Need to Create Purpose and Peace in Your Life…

Without Quitting Your Job, Leaving Your Family,

Joining A Monastery, Or Going Crazy!

Are you working at a job you hate? Or maybe you’re so busy caring for everyone else that you don’t have time for you?

Are there dreams you walked away from that have left a hole in your soul?

Health concerns, questions about how you’re living your life, anxiety, and worry don’t have to plague you.


Your Guides can wrap you in a blanket of love and help you come home to yourself—find peace and the answers you need as you create an awe-inspiring life.

Your Guides want you to live a life that makes your soul

radiate joy and buzz with purpose!

↠ But how do you know when your Guides are communicating with you?

You want to listen, but you can’t help wondering if the images you keep seeing are full of meaning, wishful thinking, or coincidence.

↠ What if it’s all in your head?

You think:

◦ Maybe this is as good as life gets.

◦ Perhaps I’m just bad at “adulting” and need to suck it up and stop dreaming of something more.

◦ What gives me the right to be special enough to communicate with my Guides?

◦ Would other people bring straightjackets if they knew I feel like my Guides are trying to communicate with me?

You are not alone (or crazy)!

Other people ask similar questions, have the same doubts, and put off learning the needed skills to grab life, feel fulfilled, smash uncertainty, and enjoy the ‘hello beautiful’ out of every day.

(Even if you are a li’l crazy, we’ll assume it’s the good kind and love ya just as you are.)

It’s time to become your own connection to your Guides.

✔ Get answers that currently feel buried at the seat of your soul. (Did you think you were the only one who felt that way?)

✔ Your Guides can take the weight off your shoulders by helping you make decisions. And you’ll know that their guidance means you’re making the right decisions—ones that lead to waking up happy and excited to face each day.

✔ Communicate with your Guides so easily that it feels like they’re your BFF’s…never feel alone or without love and support again!

✔ Find and then let your purpose move you out of depression, anxiety, and uncertainty into a life of peace, joy, inspiration, and abundance. Your Guides will add a little ‘woo hoo!’ and ‘oh yeah!’ to each day.

✔ Be part of a safe and loving community that has your back and wants you to succeed—they’ll queue the Rocky theme (or whatever song does it for you) when you face temporary doubts and challenges. And then, they’ll help you find answers and solutions that work for you so you can move forward into a life you love.

The doors to Membership for Your Soul close on October 28

11:59 pm (PT)

$47/month or $470/year








Have these problems been getting in your way?…

⦿ The readings and healings you’ve had don’t match the number of questions or equal the amount of guidance you need. Let’s face it; life is big and sometimes messy. Wouldn’t it be better to cut the middleman and communicate directly with your Guides?
⦿ You’re trying to learn, but there’s so much information out there that you don’t know where to start. You’ve taken a few courses and bought some programs, but you’re so overwhelmed that you can’t focus and have no idea where to start. (You might have bought a program and never even worked through it because of this!)
⦿ You need help learning to communicate with your Guides, but so far, no one has met you where you are so you can move forward quickly and easily.

⦿ You understand that connecting with your Guides and blossoming into the best version of yourself are vital, but…

◦ Your boss doesn’t pay you to study.
◦ Your kids want your attention.
◦ The dog needs to go for a walk.
◦ Your partner kinda wants to see you at least a few minutes each week.
◦ And well, who knows what other demands you face in day-to-day life?

…Membership for Your Soul is YOUR answer.

Marilyn is recognized on all of the major telesummits as THE authority to guide you to your Guides.

For the past 14 years, she’s been living an awe-inspiring, fun life that she and her Guides co-created.

Marilyn felt drawn to help as many people as possible experience the life-changing process of communicating with their Guides, but she became so in demand that she couldn’t keep up with the number of people requesting readings with her.

Marilyn knows that everyone can benefit from communicating with their Guides, but there’s only one of her. So, she stopped doing readings and started teaching people to connect to their Guides themselves.


Her students are people just like you, and you can talk

to your Guides as easily as they do when you join

Membership for Your Soul.


You’ll learn to develop your psychic gifts (such as clairvoyance and clairaudience) so that you can communicate directly with your Guides – no more costly readings and healings from other people.

If you have an interest in psychic abilities but aren’t sure if you’re psychic, you probably are. Everyone is born with some level of ability. It might be intuition, deep knowing, or something unique to you.

Marilyn will empower you, regardless of your starting level. She’ll take your hand and help you on your personal journey with your Guides as they help you align with your soul, find deeper meaning in life, and bring your dreams to reality.

You’ll have fun! Marilyn’s teaching style is creative, engaging, and full of fun. You’ll easily access and use your gifts in a way that allows you to make powerful decisions in your life.

You can relax. Marilyn gets that life is busy. She’s gone through her own journey of connecting with her Guides and understands that it can feel like a lot to take in sometimes.

Even when you feel you’re too busy to talk with your Guides, they’re still with you. With this program, you’ll learn to communicate with them regardless of how busy your day-to-day life gets.

You were on Marilyn’s mind when she designed the curriculum and made it easy to follow and complete:

✔ You’ll have a 60 – 90 minute video lesson each month with actionable exercises divided into manageable modules
✔ All lessons include various formats for learning…audio or video downloads, slide downloads, and exercise guides
✔ Along the way, there will be calls with an expert speaker and Q&A’s to have your questions answered.
✔ And if you get too busy to interact with the Facebook group, no problem! You’ll get a summary of what went on along with the tips and techniques that were shared.
✔ And more! (See below for more details.)

Easy-peasy, right?

Plus, you can cancel at any time, guaranteed.

Marilyn wants you living a life you love—one that’s full of abundance and peace. If you feel called in another direction, you’ll go with her blessings.

I love and enjoy Marilyn’s membership program because of her clear, loving, to the point and very practical teaching and of course for her and her guides wonderful and very helpful guidance. The members of the membership are just simply the most amazing, kind, knowledgeable and helpful souls I have ever met. I always feel supported and just simply LOVE the whole experience of the membership! Viviane

Why keep paying $200+ for each reading you need when you can pay only $47/month and learn from an expert how you can connect to your Guides yourself?

I’m so grateful that some of our members shared their heart, their story, and their vulnerability with me in these personal interviews for you to learn about their experiences.

I appreciate the journey we all walk together. If you are considering membership, please watch what these amazing, courageous, beautiful souls shared for you…


I listened to Marilyn on telesummits and had dreamt of working with her. The timing was perfect and everything was a fit. Joining membership was the next step on my path. I didn’t spend any time thinking about it. Through this process, I was able to move out of scarcity consciousness. I know the Universe has got my back.

It is life changing the more that I work with my Guides as a team. It’s magical and the more connected I get, the more connected I want to be.

There is so much richness here and that is the one thing I want to convey to people. Marilyn is the real deal, there is no other Marilyn out there. The community is loving and very safe. Anyone who feels compelled to join, I would highly encourage you to do it, because it has been an amazing blessing in my life.


I’m investing in me and there hasn’t been any second guessing about joining membership. There are so many tools. Membership is really about the people and they are my soul sisters. They’re my tribe and they’re going to be my lifelong buddies.

I love photography and being in nature and had been filing my pictures away. Since being in this group and being so encouraged, I have started a website and found help learning about photography. I’m going to be able to do more than I thought I could. I’m excited and being in this group has made me feel more confident and guided.

I don’t think I would be where I am now. In the short couple of months in this group, there has been so much growth. I have been a loner and I have met some people locally through the group. It’s been really helpful that I can talk to people about all of this stuff. My relationship with this tribe is different than my relationship with family and friends.


I’ve been in membership for six months and it felt right. I felt a real connection and found Marilyn is always authentic.

Membership has given me validation and confidence. I had a scarcity mentality before and I questioned will I get value for money. I figured it was about time I invested in myself. I’m now taking the time for self-care and journaling.

Being able to break down symbols has made me feel more connected and more supported by my Guides. Sometimes I get messages and rationalize why not to take action. Now that is less of a block for me.

Before membership I had a yearning to do something and now I’m really focusing on what that is. The benefits to me of being in membership are really immeasurable, you can’t put a dollar value on it. It really has helped me to feel so much better about myself and more confident. I can’t think of life without membership.

The doors to Membership for Your Soul close on October 28

11:59 pm (PT)

$47/month or $470/year








What do you get with your membership?

Monthly Video Lesson

You’ll receive a video lesson on the first of each month. These fun and engaging lessons will help you discover and develop your psychic ability, connect to your Guides, and learning and interpreting your dreams. As a result, you’ll make powerful decisions that lead to living an awe-inspired life.

If your focus is on health, connecting with a particular Guide, your personal relationships, or another area, rest assured that this is a mindset change and life-altering program—every area of your life will be positively influenced.

Monthly Exercises

You need activities that help you catapult the information you’re learning in the video lessons into real life. Once a month, you’ll get exactly that type of call-to-action. Each module of the video lessons include downloadable PDFs for you to engage with the exercises taught in the lessons.

Opportunity to Share your Expertise

You have gifts, expertise, and recommended resources to share, so consider Membership your opportunity to get to intimately know other members, practice readings (if that is your thing), and learn from each other.

Live Monthly Calls with An Expert Guest Speaker

These LIVE calls take a profound look at subjects that will help you expand your gifts and communicate with your Guides like a pro.

Why have guest speakers? Because Marilyn’s not an expert in every area, but she still wants you to learn from the very best. Speakers include a wide range of experts such as an animal communicator, astrologer, numerologist, mindset coach, etc. Past people have been Kari Samuels, John Burgos, Raquel Spencer, and Ana Maria Vasquez

Secret Facebook Group

You can join a supportive, friendly community to help deepen your experience. Marilyn regularly participates with the group along with others wanting to tap into inner mastery and wisdom.

We have amazing members that have been in membership for years that also support you as group moderators.

Don’t like Facebook? No problem! We’ll send you a summary of the greatest tips and questions each week.

Live Monthly Q&A (An Interactive Call and Readings)

We’ll connect on a LIVE call each month so you can have your questions answered about the lessons, your personal life, or any other area where you want or need information. These calls are Marilyn and her Guides helping you and your Guides.

Because Marilyn no longer offers one-on-one readings, this is the only place you can get a reading from her and her Guides.

Even if you don’t have a specific question, you’ll leave the call with new tools and techniques via questions from other members. Marilyn’s Guides are highly creative and offer the kind of information that ensures everyone walks away with a ton of knowledge. Some months will even include a bonus reading call with one of Marilyn’s past students, such as the amazing medium, Sue Kovacs.

✵ Lessons ✵

In addition to things like meditation and guest teachers, you’ll have access to classes such as these, just to name a few:

Creating a Life You Desire with your Higher Self

In this lesson, you are going to meet and communicate with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self is your first Guide. She/He is a part of you that holds wisdom and answers to the questions you may have. They can help you on your path, tell you which direction to go, what steps to take, what to release and what to do. You are also going to learn how to shift your vibration so the Universe knows what it is you truly desire and it can deliver.

Talking to your Higher Self through your Dreams

This lesson will help you understand your dreams to make conscious choices about your life. You’ll discover the different types of dreams, the difference between a pre-cognitive dream and a psychological dream, how to remember your dreams, how to record your dreams, how to write a dream assignment, how to work with your Higher Self or Guide in a dream, how to understand symbols of a dream, and how to come up with your own philosophies and conclusions as you open up to this magical work.

Empathic Ability

No matter where you are in life or what you’ve studied, empathic ability is important for you. This lesson creates a foundation that will help you as a spiritual person living a practical life. It’s important for you to connect to your empathic ability and align with your heart. It lets you live your life’s purpose and opens the doors to be of service to others without shutting down your heart.

Even if groups aren’t typically your thing

Marilyn created this group to be healthy, safe, and loving. Her members feel she did a great job.

So accepting. I don’t know any of these people, yet I feel safe being myself with them. I say things in Membership I wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to my general Facebook friends. I’m a very private person; I hold my beliefs close to my heart for fear of someone disagreeing or challenging me and not being able to defend. I don’t have to defend in Membership. That being said I like the confidence to say how I feel and know other opinions won’t sway or make me doubt myself. Jennifer

Over 250 members are already having incredible success communicating with their Guides and gaining clarity about their lives.

Isn’t it time you joined us?


I had run myself into a corner and got really sick. I was in pharmaceutical sales and it wasn’t really human. I struggled. I was depressed and had anxiety. I found Marilyn on Beyond the Ordinary Show and Marilyn was this real, raw, beautiful power and I was like “Yes, I’m going to do this!” Something opened up. I felt a big Yes, and just had to do it.

I had struggled with self-doubt and am I good enough and now, it’s like “Yes, now it’s the time for me!” After joining membership, I’ve started to trust myself more and on a constant basis. In membership there are so many awesome people I look up to. It’s easy to be myself and I don’t have to struggle. I can just be me.

One of the beautiful things in membership is to be held accountable and that I always feel inspired and that I am trusting more and I can take action. I sold my car and apartment and I’m taking my son to move to Bali for six months. I was in fear for a long time and self-sabotaging and now everything is coming together and there is this flow. I’m in this place of trust. I feel that I’m moving to a new perspective.


Before membership, I was searching for my life purpose and knew I wanted more. I had realized my potential and I had dreams that I didn’t know how to actualize.

I needed a structure and Membership presented a structure I needed. It was language I could understand and work with. The community was an opportunity to be in a like-minded group. I am a much happier person and I’m not doubting myself as much. I can relate to the experiences of other people in membership around the lessons. I was doing things before that were not feeding my soul. My philosophy has been, “”Knowing what you don’t want, is still knowing.” I am reaching now for clarity and purpose and the people in membership feed my soul…through their struggles as well as through their “a-ha” moments.

If I hadn’t joined membership, I would still be going in circles and I would still be figuring out what is out there. Monthly lessons give me a topic that I am interested in and that helps me stay focused. If anyone is on the fence, take a chance. If you sit on the fence, you get to observe, but you don’t really get to expand. With membership, I’m good. I’m happy I’m in it!

The doors to Membership for Your Soul close on October 28

11:59 pm (PT)

$47/month or $470/year








About Your Teacher – Marilyn Alauria

You might know Marilyn from her regular appearances on “Healing with the Masters” with Jennifer Mclean, as a highly sought-after speaker and expert at over 50 telesummits, or as the leader of the popular online challenge, See, Feel, and Hear Your Guides in 7 Days!, that gets people communicating with their Guides.

It’s also possible you were referred to this site by one of the thousands of people around the world she’s taught to communicate with their Guides. And if you’ve heard the rumors that Marilyn has been hired to do a production of Ghost Tours, it’s true!

Marilyn is passionate about teaching you how to engage your gifts, meet your Guides, and live an awe-inspired life. When you learn to co-create with your Guides, you get unstuck, blast through old limits, and finally feel the peace, love, and joy that your Guides have been longing to share with you.

She had her first experience with Spirit when she was five but didn’t understand what was happening to her. Because of the difficulties she encountered while growing up, she was depressed, angry, and confused.

As a result, Marilyn ended up falling into many holes along the way until her gifts got the best of her and ignoring them was no longer an option.

Through an extraordinary journey of self-discovery, she expanded into her power by overcoming fear. She learned to harness and embrace her psychic gifts to help YOU transform your experience.

Marilyn knows it’s her mission to teach people around the world that they are not alone, that they, too, possess the same gifts she has, and that everyone can heal themselves and others with these gifts.

Marilyn’s work is centered around integrity, and she holds each interaction and experience in the highest regard. She’s worked with famous people and beautiful souls known only to a few. It’s her honor and privilege to work with Spirit in this unique and powerful capacity and to be able to offer such essential insight to everyone she works with.

Her future projects include a production focused on psychic kids and a much-anticipated book.

Everything You Get in Membership

✔ A monthly video lesson, so you can make powerful decisions that lead to living an awe-inspired life.
✔ Live monthly calls with an expert guest Speaker, so you get expert-level instruction in areas that fall outside of Marilyn’s expertise.
✔ Live monthly Q&A (an interactive call and readings with Marilyn) – The only place Marilyn still gives readings, and a great time to have your questions answered and learn info you didn’t even know you needed!
✔ A monthly action step to keep you engaged in real life lessons, so you know you’re making progress with your journey.
✔ A private Facebook group to give you some extra love, support, and shared experience. Don’t like Facebook? No problem! We’ll send you a summary of the greatest tips and questions each week.
✔ Games to Grow Your Soul eBook to help you find your soul’s purpose and get started living it.
✔ Bonuses – meditation, guest experts, classes, and more!
✔ ValueYou get all of the above products and services for a mere $47/month. Plus, you’ll learn to do your own readings and avoid the cost of paying others to do them for you.

Have questions?

Contact our support team at info@marilynalauria.com or send us a message in the chat (bottom right of this page) to have your questions answered about Membership.

The doors to Membership for Your Soul close on October 28

11:59 pm (PT)

$47/month or $470/year








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